Yoga Retreat with Maria Macaya

Join Maria Macaya on a spring yoga retreat in Menorca. Five days to delve into a practice of morning yoga, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy, and afternoons that will allow you to enjoy the nature of Menorca or sessions designed to recharge and restore.

We will be staying at Cristine Bedfor, a cozy boutique hotel with comfortable rooms and an authentic gastronomic offering based on local products.

Look forward to a fun, healthy and wholesome 5 days 4 nights together with a vibrant yet intimate group of people.

María is an advanced 800 hour Jivamukti Teacher living in Barcelona living with her children and husband. Maria is also founder and President of Fundaciōn Rādika dedicated to mental and emotional well-being.

Maria started practicing yoga in 2000 and over the years has developed her unique style – a Jivamukti Yoga that is curious, and invites for self awareness. Deeply influenced by her Iyengar practice and her own search for a safe while playful practice, Maria is known for her challenging yet accessible classes with a special care for rhythm, alignment and connection to self.

Basic Information


Check in: Wednesday May 11th

Check out: Sunday May 15th

Retreat duration

5 days, 4 nights

Group size

Up to 25 people

Retreat location

Mahón, Menorca

Recommended accommodation: Cristine Bedfor Hotel

What to bring

1 Yoga mat, 2 straps, 2 blocks and 1 blanquet

Sample Daily Schedule

8h00 – 8h45: Morning Meditation & Pranayama

9h00 – 11h00: Morning Yoga

11h45 – 13h00: Group Brunch

13h15 – 16h00: Free time

16h30 – 18h45: Nature hike

20h00: Dinner (2 x Dinner at Cristine Bedfor included)

Exact itinerary is subject to change – while every effort is made to keep to published schedule, we reserve the right to make changes for your convenience

What’s Included


Morning Meditation & Pranayama

Daily Yoga Practice

Brunch everyday

2 x Dinners at Cristine Bedfor Hotel

Yin Yoga with Bety (Wednesday & Thursday)

5 Rhythms with Mira (Saturday)

Free Cancellation insurance (if Refundable Package is selected)

Special rates at Christine Bedfor


Accommodation (you should book this separately, but we have reserved special rates for you at Cristine Bedfor Hotel)

Yoga mat, blocks and straps


2 x Dinners

Airport Transfers

Specialty beverages



Please book your accommodation at Cristine Bedford Hotel by emailing Cristina Soto at with your room request and specifying you will participate in the May Yoga Retreat with Maria Macaya.

Rates range from 320€ per person to 1408€ per person for the full stay, depending on availability, the type of room and whether you select individual or a shared options (to be specified in the email). Room requests are on a first come first serve basis, so send in your request as soon as possible to get your pick.

If you have a house in Menorca or prefer booking your accommodation elsewhere, you have the option to do so.


Regular: 690€

Early bird (valid until March 27th): 599€

  • Please note that if you purchase the Non Refundable package, there will be no refunds for any reason
  • This package does not include accommodation, which must be booked separately


Regular: 890€ (deposit 100€ is non refundable)

Early bird (valid until March 27th): 799€

  • This package is refundable up until the day prior to the start of the retreat excluding a 100 euro administration fee 
  • This package does not include accommodation, which must be booked separately



María is an advanced 800 hour Jivamukti Teacher and is founder and president of Fundaciōn Rādika. She lives in Barcelona with her husband and children.

María has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and did her first teacher training 17 years ago. In 2014 did the 300 hour teacher training in Costa Rica with Yogeswari, and in 2017 completed the 800 apprenticeship with Jules Febre. From him she learnt much of what has now become her style of teaching – a Jivamukti Yoga that is curious, questions and seeks answers when sequencing, aligning or thinking about yoga philosophy.

María teaches mainly in Barcelona where she also mentors Jivamukti Teachers for the 800 hour apprenticeship program. She also travels and mentors at Jivamukti teacher trainings.

Maria is trained in Pranayama with Tiwari, in Meditation with Jack Kornfield, in “Ropes and slings” and “Backcare” with Alison West. Her main practices today include Jivamukti and Iyengar.

María is also specialized in yoga for mental disorders and in Trauma. She founded Fundaciōn Rādika in 2016 – a non profit dedicated to mental health and specialized in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She offers online trainings in both Spanish and English ( Her own trauma training includes “Compassionate inquiry Certificate Program” with Gabor Mate, advanced programs with Center for Trauma and Embodiment and the Center for Yoga and Trauma Recovery, Level 1 and 2 Polivagal Theory in therapeutic yoga with Arielle Schwartz, Trauma with Bessel van der Kolk and Addiction and Recovery with Stanford University.

María regularly writes for blogs in all of these areas. She has a BA in art history and international relations form Tufts University in Boston, an MA in Art Criticism from Columbia University in New York, and a Certificate Diploma from Stanford University in their 2-year creative writing program.


I just love dancing. When I was little I sat on the stairs for hours and sang my family awake at dawn. then I learned the recorder and the cello and became a gymnast. The rest of the time I spent in the garden up a tree or with my nose in a flower. or rescuing kittens. But I always wanted to be a dancer. 

Ballet was so boring I gave up… but the dream remained. I believe it’s never too late and nothing is impossible. So now I dance because it makes me happy. it also helps me feel my body and get out of my head. I´m an embodiment practitioner (craniosacral) but if you´re anything like me, sitting still can be so tedious. Dancing is like fun embodiment. Its what children do so it must be good! 

Every time I get up to dance the JOY returns. it’s never the same twice. I’m always discovering new parts of my body i didn’t feel before, new movements, new sensations. When I  move i expand and relax. I become more myself. We can do this together and have a lot of fun. In fact I am child-like and I love infecting people with that child-like curiosity. However you are, you are welcome to come along. I recently discovered that when I dance outdoors with my beloved plants and animals it’s even better. So that´s where I’m holding my classes now. At the moment it’s a croquet lawn but i also have plans for the forest and the beach… 


Bety is passionate about yoga, nature and traveling. For seven years she has lived in Southeast Asia and Australia, places where she has had the opportunity to develop her path and her love for yoga, Taoism and meditation.

The practices she shares are a journey through tao, tantra, mindfulness meditation, and qi gong.
Based on the theory of the 5 elements and the Yin and Yang energy movements, it creates sequences combining breath work, Asanas, qi gong and mindfulness to harmonize the flow of Chi / Prana in the meridians of the body, releasing stagnant energy (qi) or helping to recover it in case of deficient (qi) energy.

An invitation to nurture the Yin side, to find balance through the art of the simple, the power of stillness and the power of calm.