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On water

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Freedom as a practice

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On dignity

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The purpose of Asana

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The sound of yoga

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On mother’s love

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The secrets we keep inside

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María is an advanced 800 hour Jivamukti Teacher living in Barcelona with her children and husband. 

María started practicing yoga in 2000 and did the 300 hour teacher training in Costa Rica in 2014 with her first Jivamukti teacher Yogeswari, who introduced her to the method in 2001.  She completed the 800 apprenticeship with Jules Febre to whom she owes what has now become her style of teaching – a Jivamukti Yoga that is curious, questions and seeks answers when sequencing, aligning or thinking about yoga philosophy. María teaches mainly in Barcelona where she also mentors Jivamukti Teachers for the 800 hour apprenticeship program. She also travels and mentors at Jivamukti teacher trainings. Maria is also trained in Pranayama with Tiwari, in Meditation with jack Kornfield, in “Ropes and slings” and  “Backcare” with Alison West. Her main practices include Jivamukti and Iyengar.  
María is also specialized in yoga for mental disorders. She founded Fundacion Radika in 2016 – a non profit dedicated to offering yoga as complementary therapy for mental disorders with a special focus on trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. She also runs trainings in these specialities in Spain, abroad and will soon be offering it online. (
María founded Radika Sports in 2018. She works through yoga, breath and mindfulness with elite sports competitors to improve performance and prevent injury. 
María regularly writes for blogs in all of these areas. She has a BA in art history and international relations form Tufts University in Boston, an MA in Art Criticism from Columbia University in New York, and a Certificate Diploma from Stanford University in their 2-year creative writing program. 


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Maria Macaya is one of those rare teachers whose vast knowledge is only matched by her curiosity and humility. Her joy and laughter can brighten any room while her attention to detail always provides a sense of safety and security so that one can feel at ease“.

Jules Febre, Advanced Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

“As a Jivamukti yoga teacher and close friend, I have had the privilege to observe Maria Macaya’s outstanding development for more than a decade. Maria is fantastic energy, a huge heart, extraordinary intelligence and 100% commitment. She quickly excelled as a Jivamukti Yoga teacher,and, as the founder of Radhika, she has also turned her compassionate focus towards those whose lives have been disrupted by trauma. In 2017 Maria taught trauma sensitive yoga classes to yoga teachers of AZAHAR Foundation in Cambodia, which proved to be essential for professionals who are working with a population suffering from trans generational effects of war. Maria has sought out the most advanced research on the topic in different parts of the world, and this course is a rare opportunity to receive this precious knowledge in just one week-end.“.

 Yogeswari, Jivamukti Senior Teacher & President Azahar Foundation

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